Our Services

Over the last 20 years, our team has developed more than 100 healthcare projects as standalone or packaged solutions. These range from consulting to business modeling, financing, and the acquisition of diagnostic imaging and radiotherapy systems. These projects include proton therapy, radiotherapy (IMRT/IGRT), Gamma Knife, CyberKnife, MR/CT Simulation, PET CT, MRI, CT, Mammography, Ultrasound, and X-ray.

Task I – Data and Market Analysis

A comprehensive market analysis, outlining potential referral sources and the competitive landscape. This includes assessing the patient market potential, based on population, disease incidence, and local physician referrals.

Task II – Financial Feasibility Study

A complete study that addresses all the financial and operational aspects of the new service lines, including an analysis of capital needs, pro forma income statements, internal rate of return analysis, and contribution margin.

Task III – Business Modeling and Project Syndication

HHS will oversee the syndication process that will finance the acquisition of new equipment, including the formation of a Physician Leasing Company to secure capital from physician investors and arranging financing of additional funds.

Task IV – Equipment Provision and Construction Oversight

HHS will coordinate licenses and approvals; oversee insurance requirements; manage shielding calculations; and assist selection of interior finishes. HHS also conducts site visits to determine if the work is proceeding on schedule.

Our Process of End-to-End Support

   Facility and Plant Design

We perform site planning support to maximize the efficiency of your healthcare operation, creating detailed plans based on a multitude of considerations such as equipment specifications, patient volumes per service line, and the capacity of service lines and patient flow. We also provide site planning guides and drawing analysis, coordinate shielding calculations, and provide mechanical, electrical, and plumbing scope narratives. We then supervise the delivery, installation, and acceptance testing of major equipment. These tasks are defined within our strict schedules, budgets, and timeframes.

   Medical Equipment Selection

We utilize our extensive experience and network of partners to select, coordinate, and install the right equipment, both major and minor. This includes developing equipment specifications and configurations, selecting the major medical equipment, general medical equipment, and office furnishings, and then coordinating warranties and maintenance agreements. We also identify any additional equipment that may be necessary to support the service line, such as radiotherapy equipment, diagnostic imaging equipment, and electronic medical records systems.

  Construction Oversight

After planning and preparations are completed, we then review construction budgets and select a general contractor, review the final project timeline and represent the owners during the pre-construction and construction phases, and facilitate conference calls with the owners, architect, and general contractor. We coordinate the delivery, installation, and training for the Proton Therapy and Linear Accelerator equipment in accordance with the final timeline.

   Clinical Operations Project Support

Beyond design and construction, our end-to-end service continues until the first patient is treated. We create a staffing strategy and recruiting plan for additional professional and administrative staff, develop fee schedules for the technical and professional components of services, develop a comprehensive Policy and Procedures Manual, and oversee the acceptance and commissioning of the major medical equipment.

We also assist with accreditation from industry associations and with the development and procurement of educational materials with physicians and other clinical staff, as appropriate. We will schedule and facilitate the clinical training programs for physicians, technologists, physicists, and other necessary personnel. We will also develop, with input from radiation oncologists, physicists, and other clinical staff, a list of basic start-up supplies specific to facility operations and clinical programs. A start-up budget will be presented for approval prior to placing orders.

Finally, we’ll confirm that the staff and facility are prepared to begin seeing patients.

Over the last 20 years, our team has developed more than 100 healthcare projects as standalone or packaged solutions. 

Our approach is to manage the continuum of the development process from concept to treatment of the first patient. Combined with our extensive international experience and legally supported, financially viable business models, we’ll give you the strategic guidance to make your project a reality with a comprehensive and cost-effective start-to-finish solution.  

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